About Pike Studios

Pike Studios has been making art professionally for the past 50 years and has transformed over 350,000 pounds (160,000 K) of clay into useful and decorative pottery, all of which is made in our commercial building and sold in our gallery. We also make art in many other forms such as watercolours, sculptures in clay, steel and concrete, motorcycles, architectural accessories, computer graphics  and anything else that excites us at any given moment. Our belief is that creativity cannot be contained. 

Art is our life, our passion and our living.

We also teach classes where you will make your own piece of pottery that will be glazed and fired for you. (when covid allows.) We give tours of the studio and tell tales of all the interesting aspects of art and pottery making as well as some of the life experiences a creative individual encounters. A tour through our pottery, metal studio, and gallery will be informative beyond your wildest dreams and we’re always looking forward to making the many new friends we haven’t met yet. 

Bob and Connie Pike

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