Autumn Song

This is a piece that was made for a local Art show. I had been doing project types of work for some time and wanted to do a narrative piece that had some meaning representing a reflection of the world we live in. The title of this piece is “Autumn Song”. I wanted it to say something about the human condition and situation. At times I feel this may be the Autumn of our time here on this small planet, if we are unable to find a way to resolve our differences and for us as a species to develop a much deeper wisdom of ways to solve our problems so the solution will be acceptable by all parties. Maybe then we will find a way to live together.

This is a maquette or model for a full size sculpture which I would envision to be approx. 12 ft. tall and would hang beneath a pyramid constructed of 12” steel pipe 24 ft. tall at it’s apex. It might remind us of what we need to do.

It would be a few hundred thousand dollars if any one out there is interested.