Invitation Come April 27-2-4

Iterations in III Acts features pottery by Connie Pike, metal sculpture by Bob Pike and glassworks by Denise C. Clarke.
Pottery artist Connie Pike investigates the balance between function and aesthetic. Creating clay forms with rich textured glazed surfaces Connie’s pottery brings art into everyday life, adorning the home and enhancing the ritual experience of dining.
Bob Pike designs and builds metal figurative objects that possess a rough and beautiful aesthetic. Bob’s metal sculptures represent metaphors concerning the human footprint and issues of interpersonal communication and misunderstanding.
Inspired by her environment, the change of seasons, light, and texture, Denise C. Clarkecreates unique fused glass artworks that reflect human emotions through the use of colour and layers. Creating her own visual language Denise seeks to express the experience of time and place.
The exhibition will be on display until April 27, 2019.
and Bob, Connie and Denise will be there 2-4.

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