2021 Spring-Summer Sale- June 19 to June 30th – 11-4

With all of the events that have transpired over the past year, it feels more and more like an episode of ‘As the World Turns’. What a roller coaster ride. As you can see —- we’re still here, and we’re having our Summer sale for 2021. We hope everything’s getting back to normal soon. We would like to thank all those who’ve  come to the studio over the past year to support us. So many businesses have lost so much but Connie and I’ve been going to work everyday as usual and doing what we love to do best. We just keep being the artists that we are. For us, being trapped in our studio isn’t such a bad thing. We’ve been getting more work done than usual and new ideas are busting out all over. Our shelves are overflowing with many new items. Connie’s been filling up the shelves and has some beautiful ‘Copper Red Mugs’ the kiln God’s were kind enough to give her. She has some new trays, vegetable dips, yarn bowls, vases, ‘quilt mugs’ and more. She has some ‘Zig Zag’  giant mugs and soup mugs as well. She says she’s actually completed everything that was on her to do list (I think that’s a first) She’s also made a new item called a ‘Nut Jug’. You can keep nuts in it and can pour them out rather than dipping into the bowl to get them. The new reality in the pottery world right now is a big demand for interesting and unique coffee mugs. The studio is brimming over with mugs of every size, shape and decoration. I’m sure we have one that’s suitable for that special gift, for that special person you’ve been thinking about.

     We’ll be having the sale from June 19th to the end of the month. This will allow us to spread out how the sale is done and not get too many people in a small space at the same time. If there’s something in particular you’re looking for, phone us at 403-652-5255 or 652-5584, and make sure we have one or are not sold out.   As always, we’d love to see you. The flowers are blooming and the summer weather is upon us. It’s time to get out and about.                                                Bob And Connie

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