September Sale 26 years in High River- Sept. 19 to Sept. 27

     We are going to have our 26th end of summer sale. With all of the Covid problems etc, and not having sold our studio, it looks like we’ll be around for awhile. We’d  like to sell the studio but life must go on. I guess we’re not ready to retire to a studio in our house just yet.

We’ve been working most days like usual, and have been open for a couple of months now. Since business has slowed down because of being closed and the fact of having a studio with an abundance of nice things on our shelves, we thought we’d have a sale. We’ll be practising Covid protocols to keep everyone safe (sanitizing hands, distancing as much as possible and masks due to the small size of the studio’s area). We’re hoping you can make it out.  All of our stock will be 30% off with the exception of my metal work as it was drastically marked down at our last sale. (most pieces at 50% off) If you would prefer to come out during the week between the sale weekends, we can set that up for anytime during the day or in the evening. Just call us at 403-652-5255. We’d love your support if you can manage it.

        Life has been difficult for everyone in these past 6 months but life must go on and we need to find our way through all of this. I hope most of you have found a way to get your life  mostly back on track.  Personally we miss going to a movie at a theatre every week and going to our favourite restaurants. (Net flicks just doesn’t compare to a theatre experience).

Connie is not able to teach any classes in her studio at this time. It would be difficult to distance properly.

We will miss Shon with her jewelry and Henry helping pack pots..Hopefully they will be back for our November sale.       

Connie has some of her decorative pieces in three shows coming up. The Alberta Crafts Gallery in Edmonton ( is September 19-October 31.She is one of five women makers who engage in traditional craft practices. 

Three pieces in the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery in Calgary ( for the Alberta Potters Association Show from September 25 to October 17th. 

And Handmade Here (25 Artists) in Calgary at the Triwood Community Hall -2244 Chicoutimi Drive on November 21-22. 

Connie’s Framed Collages
Mugs Galore!

For those of you who’ve been following my motorcycle project, it’s now coming together and looking like an actual motorcycle rather than an assortment of unrelated parts. I’ll have it set up for you to see. I’m very satisfied with the results so far, but it needs a few important things before I can call it complete. I’ll then dismantle it so the final welding and finishing can be done before being painted. I probably won’t get it done until next spring as there are some things I need to do on our hydronic heating system in our house before the snow flies.

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