Pike Studios Spring 2019 Sale

Hello to everyone. I hope you are enjoying our great weather (finally). We’re having our Spring Sale and hope you can take some time out from your early gardening efforts to come for a coffee and some cookies and see some of the new things we’ve been up to over the winter. For those interested, we have an art show closing on Saturday April 27 from 3 till 6, at the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery. (1840 – 20 Ave NW) I hope you receive this in time to go. The work looks wonderful setup in a gallery where there’s much more space than our studio. The show is called ‘Iterations in Three Acts’ – Connie with clay, our friend Denise Clarke with fused Glass and myself with metal figurative sculpture. Being in a show gets all of the creative juices flowing and working to a deadline gets you really crazy busy. We were totally involved with making new work from Christmas right up to the show, It was invigorating and very productive. Connie took time for a week, with two of her friends, to go to a clay conference in Minneapolis at the end of March. 6500 clay people go to this conference every year, which changes its’ venue each time to different cities spread all over the USA . She travelled from art show to art show and saw thousands of pieces of ceramic art as well as attended many different presentations of individuals displaying their talents and showing how they use and develop new techniques. Total burnout I would say. I don’t know how she does it. She always comes back with new ideas that, over time, develop into new directions. 

          Our new web site       http://www.pikestudios.com

We would love to see you at our sale. I’ll be showing people around giving tours and running my plasma cutter to show the wonders of what new technology is all about. Shon will also be showing her jewelry. And don’t forget about the great coffee, (we make decaf too) tea and cookies and bring some friends if you can. The parking is free and the experience will be just lots fun. We can talk and debate the arts if you’re interested. Without you there would never be us. You make it possible to do what we do.   We hope to see you then.        Thank you.        Bob & Connie                               

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