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Connie is a member of the Alberta Potters Association.org

Connie is in Clay 2010, a show that was at the Alberta Crafts Council.

All the pieces were purchased by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts


Jim Speers has links to many pottery related places, people and things


Bob and Connie are members of the the Alberta Crafts Council and have work in the gallery in Edmonton. http://www.albertacraft.ab.ca

Connie’s sister Linda and her husband Claude are

glassblowers in Chemainus.....their site is

Blown Glass Art, Rhythms Artglass, Linda Westrom and Claude Duperron

Connie has work at the Leighton Centre


Connie was recognized by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and was awarded a Projects Visual Arts grant to attend NCECA, the National Clay Conference in Tampa, Florida. 
Words from the minister. 
The arts are essential to Alberta's cultural life - both who we are as individuals and what we are as a province. The Government of Alberta is proud to support our professional and emerging artists and arts organizations and is committed to developing and promoting the arts. The artistic activity funded by the AFA supports the goals outlined in Alberta's cultural policy - The Spirit of Alberta. This policy ensures that all Albertans have access to culture in their communities, and that our artists and cultural industries can thrive. Its vision is an Alberta where all citizens participate in cultural and recreational activities that reflect their diverse heritage and enrich their lives. On behalf of the Government of Alberta, I am pleased to approve this funding and extend best wishes for your artistic endeavors. Sincerely Lindsay Blackett, Minister of Culture and Community Spirit.

An interesting1930’s video on factory workers manufacturing china....

YouTube - HLCProductionVideo30s

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Pike Studios
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It Takes Two at Pike Studios

Posted on November 15, 2011

by High River Arts Jane Wilson

His craft is strong, bold, and metallic.  Her craft is soft, warm and ceramic.  He uses tools to bend, cut and fuse his materials.  She uses her hands to design, shape and throw her clay.  Together, Bob and Connie Pike are a creative “tour de force”.

Pike Studios and Gallery   Gates to Saskatoon Farm, east of Okotoks

Since 1978, when they first met, they have spent thousands of hours, years upon years, perfecting their techniques in functional pottery and metal art. Their passion and dedication to their crafts has made Pike Studios the success it is today.

Customers for Connie’s pottery come from far and wide to add to their collections.  Her dinnerware patterns are in high demand and her art pieces are novel and breathtaking.   Bob’s unique metal art boxes are in demand in galleries as far away as St. Petersburg, Florida and a stunning example of his steel gates welcome you into the Saskatoon Farm east of Okotoks.

The Bow Building with Geese     Shimmer Plate

Connie’s expertise and knowledge of ceramics has made her workshops sought after and yet she continually seeks out new ideas and techniques by attending as many of the same as she can.  Inspired by nature, she uses carved lino block tiles or stamps and rollers made from bisque clay to create detail and texture.  Her artistry in glazes brings consistency to her functional pottery and radiance to her art pieces.

Art Box   Metal Music

To say Bob is passionate about his work and the arts is an understatement. Because of environmental sensitivities, Bob had to give up his love of pottery and channel his energies into a new art form.  Bob has the eye of an architect, the mind of an engineer and the vision of an artist. His metal tables and art boxes are imaginative and functional.  His sculptures command attention to their meanings and his architectural items are new and innovative.

Where can you see their work and add to or begin your collection?  Pike Studios is having their Christmas Sale Weekends this November 26th, 27th, and December 3rd and 4th. They are located at 70 – 9th Avenue SE, High River, AB.  Due to an unfortunate motorcycle accident, visits to the studio prior to the sale are by appointment only.  Don’t miss this opportunity to view their work and meet Bob and Connie.

It takes an understanding person to live with an artist.  The muses call at will and an artist either responds immediately or hopes they remember what was whispered when they return to their craft.  Two artists living together can support and help each other when the creative juices stir.  While one attends to their craft, the other can hold down the fort, knowing the rolls will reverse in kind.  Is this the secret to their success?  I think so.


“80 Plus Years of Thoughtful Making” by Bob & Connie Pike at the Okotoks Art Gallery

Posted on March 26, 2012

by High River Arts  Jane Wilson

Friday, March 23, I had the pleasure of attending the opening reception for these two shows at  the Okotoks Art Gallery in Okotoks, Alberta.  Both shows are open to the public from March 23rd to April 29th.  The gallery is located at 53 North Railway Street.

“80 Plus Years of Thoughtful Making” (in the large gallery) is a wonderful show exhibiting past and present work of both Bob & Connie Pike.  Bob & Connie reside in High River, Alberta where “Pike Studios” is located.

The integration of Bob and Connie’s ceramics with Bob’s metal work was inspiring and the Okotoks Art Gallery and Allan Boss, deserve kudos for a beautifully presented show.

To see Bob’s work,

and Connie’s ceramics,

will make your visit to the gallery an enjoyable, worthwhile experience.
Studio Ceramics Canada Link
Lots of good information about design and a lot of ceramic work to 
look at including a link to my webpage

Form&Vases Book

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